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fnaf world

FNaF AU “Apocalypse “: Part 1 -Gold-

Its the year of 2020, February 7th. The world is much quieter know, that the humans are gone, leaving the animatronic the new dominant “race”. But it is only for those who hide.

Golden freddy walked down the hall, of what once was the famous location known as “Freddy Fazbear’s pizzeria”. He arrived at the main party room. Which was barricaded up with tables and chairs. Out of curiosity, he decided to kick it to test it’s stability. His foot hit the barricade hard. He screamed in pain as he felt horrible pain in his foot. How could this be this stable?

“Who’s out there?!” A familiar voice shouted from behind the barrier.

“It’s me!” He shouted back.

“Which ‘me’! There are thousands of ‘me”s”

“Really? It’s Gold!” He said angrily, “have you ever heard of a voice?!”

“Yeah, yeah, what ever.”

Gold heard the sound of a chain. One of the tables began to slide back. There was now a hole big enough for him to climb through, so he did.

A purple, animatronic rabbit stood before him. He was missing an arm, and bandaged up where his face should be. There were others in the room as Well. Freddy, Chica, Foxy, Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica, Mangle, Shadow Freddy, and Fredbear. Gold began to walk up to Fredbear.

Fredbear was yellow, like Gold was. But he had brown eyes, he also wore a lab coat. He turned around, and looked at Gold.

“Did find him? Did you find Springtrap?” Fredbear said. When he said ‘Springtrap’, he seemed to say it angrily and filled with spite.


Fredbear looks disappointed about the answer he got. “Bet anything he is hiding, like the little coward he is… “

“Maybe we should try to alliance, with other locations, it could help us find him.”

Before Fredbear could respond, a static sound happened, as Shadow Bonnie appeared. He looked panicked.

“They are here!!!” He gasped.

Fredbear and Gold looked at each other concerned.


Thanks for reading the first part of my story based on my FNaF AU, “Apocalypse”. “Apocalypse” has been an idea floating around my head for a while. But I haven’t (until today) decided if I should do it as a book, or comic.

Also, I’m just going to explain stuff, about Golden Freddy and Fredbear. So first, I know that Fredbear ‘s eyes are blue not brown, but since Gold also would have blue eyes, I wanted to change it, so if I draw a picture with them both in, it would make it easier to tell them apart. And second, I know some people think that they are the same character, but, just like in my Animated series “Twisted Minds”, Gold is from a different Fredbear ‘s location.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed! And sorry that the first part is so short.

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